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About our project

During our time in Puerto Rico, we developed a relationship with a community center “Centro Comunal La 23” led by Danaliz Davila, a dedicated figure in her community. 


Right across the street from Centro Comunal La 23, stands a cemetery that is primarily home to the victims of communal violence. Danaliz’s mission is to fight the darkness of this space by building a Park of Life in front of the cemetery. 


The purpose of this project is to create a space of recreation, learning, and cultural celebration for the youth, adults, and elders of this community. 


The components of this park

  • Building a community garden to allow community members to grow and harvest their own vegetables

  • A basketball court for youth recreation and friendships

  • Fruit trees for the community members to enjoy for a small donation.

  • A tree that represents life: Under the shades of this tree will be an open space for group activities for children, the elderly, and others, such as bomba classes, yoga classes, reading books, and more. 

  • A community convenience store 

  • A chicken coop: Building sustainable farming practices for  the community while providing 

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Quote from community leader

 “we have 218 families in this place, who are great fighters, who want to move forward, who want their children to move forward and Thank God we have been working for our community for four years. Day after day.”  - Danaliz Davila, community leader at Centro Comunitario  23

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