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Our Mission

We are Last Letter Films, a student-run production company that is part of Villanova University's Social Justice Documentary Program. Last Letter Films speaks to the importance of personal connection and action. Letters create authentic lines of communication through intentionality and honesty, mirroring the depth of the relationships we hope to form. The finality of this letter indicates that it is time for words to stop and for action to begin. We aim to not only send a message, but to amplify voices, celebrate resilience, and break cycles of inaction.

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Our Project

In October, we travelled to Loíza, Puerto Rico and spent two weeks immersing ourselves in its rich Afro-Puerto Rican culture and alongside its amazing people. During our time there, we filmed every moment and are now working to bring these clips together to create a film that empowers others. We are also excited to share the stories of so many of these people across our social platforms leading up to our documentary premiere. 

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